Domain Tenant

If you want to use a domain name for a particular period of time. Become a domain tenant with KVUX Domains.

Domain tenant – one that pays rent to use a domain name owned by a domain renter.

To become a domain tenant:

  1. Select one of the domain names on KVUX Domains. Check the details and contact with the domain owner if you have any questions or open a support ticket here.
  2. Press ‘Rent This Domain Name’ button and proceed to the payment area. Select required amount of renting period in years (minimum period is 1 year). We are accepting payments in cryptocurrency only. Please check our supported cryptocurrencies here.
  3. As soon as payment received KVUX Domains will contact with the domain owner to start domain transferring process to our domain registrar. This could take up to 3 weeks time (depends on domain renter’s domain name registrar). If the domain owner will not transfer a domain name to us during 3 weeks time period, we will contact you back and will refund you in full using same cryptocurrency as you used for payment. Renting period will start counting from the day when domain name is transferred to us and we pointed it to your provided nameservers.
  4. Same time as payment received form you a support ticket will be opened under your order details. You can check your orders here. Just click on a particular order to check each order details. KVUX Domains will request your nameservers where rented domain name need to be pointed. KVUX Domains holding all domains under our domain registrar and will point it to your provided nameservers. KVUX Domains will not transfer domain name to your registrar. If you don’t have a nameserver details please contact us via support ticket here.
  5. When a domain name arranged rent time will be expired, KVUX Domains will contact with the domain owner to check if he/she agree to prolong renting period. KVUX Domains will contact then with you to verify if you want to prolong your renting period, if such agreed by the domain owner. To do that you will need to re-order particular domain name for a required amount of years via provided link by KVUX Domains. If renting time will not be prolonged KVUX Domains will transfer this domain name back to the domain name owner and your nameserver details will be removed from our registrar settings.