Domain Renter

If you own a domain name, become a domain renter with KVUX Domains.

Domain renter – one that receives payment in exchange for use of one’s domain name by a  domain tenant.

To rent your domain name to a domain tenant:

  1. List your domain name on KVUX Domains. Default listing rent period is 1 year (minimum period). Domain tenant will choose a required amount of years to rent during the time of ordering. As a domain owner you are agree that renting time could be set for an indefinite period and cost of the domain name per year can’t be changed during agreed renting period. Minimum domain name per year cost is 0.01 BTC. If less than 0.01 BTC amount was set during the time of listing creation, our support team will contact you for a correction.
  2. To proof your domain name ownership, please redirect your domain name under your domain name registrar settings to your created listing page or directly on KVUX Domains website.
  3. When KVUX Domains will receive a payment in cryptocurrency from a domain tenant, KVUX Domains team will notify you via support ticket here.
  4. Your responsibility will be to transfer a domain name to KVUX Domains domain name registrar during 15 working days. You will need to pay all required transfer fees (depends on your domain name registrar). Domain name renting time will start counting from the next day of transfer completion.
  5. When your domain name transfer is confirmed, KVUX Domains will change your listing status to: Awaiting approval, so it will disappear from the main catalog search.
  6. KVUX Domains will contact you to get your cryptocurrency wallet details to made a cryptocurrency transfer directly to your wallet. Transfer will be done in the same cryptocurrency (received on the moment of payment) with deducted cryptocurrency transaction fee and 5% of management fee from a received amount paid by the domain tenant. Please check supported cryptocurrencies here and read more about our fees here.
  7. When your domain name arranged rent time will be expired, KVUX Domains will contact you for an approve to continue renting if such will be accepted by the domain tenant. Domain tenant will be then asked if he/she want to continue renting. If renting time will not be prolonged KVUX Domains will contact you regarding your domain registrar details and will transfer your domain name back to you. You will need to pay all required transfer fees (depends on your domain name registrar). If renting time agreed to be prolonged, domain tenant will get a link to re-purchase for a required amount of time.